Frank Garner

Investing In Our Future!

I've been blessed with the privilege of representing House District 7 in Kalispell over the past two legislative sessions. As a member of the Montana House of Representatives I'm fortunate that I have been part of a number of significant legislative victories that are helping to improve the health, safety and future success of the people in our community.

More recently those initiatives have included infrastructure investments, improving access to life saving medications to save people from overdoses, improving enhanced 911 capabilities across the state, providing licensing for programs that will support one of Montana's growing industries and using existing monies to help start an ongoing maintenance and repair fund for our schools.

With that success comes the recognition that there is more that needs to be done. After much thought and prayer and discussions with my friends and family I have decided to run again for Montana House of Representatives in House District 7. It has been my great honor to serve and I'm looking forward to earning your continued trust.

Thank you for all your support and confidence. I'm excited about the chance to continue serving the Kalispell community and in finding ways to solve problems that help us to continue investing in our future!

Frank Garner
Montana House of Representatives
House District 7 


I support small business and the jobs they produce

I support infrastructure investment as it promotes improved public safety and commerce

  • *Sponsored HB 473 that became law and that invests in roads and bridge improvements and helps direct more of your gas tax dollars to local projects for the first time in over 30 years!
  • *Sponsored HB 92 that became law and that improves efficiency and lower costs on DOT contracts.

*Awarded Most Valuable Policy Maker Award for 2017 legislative session from Montana Chamber of Commerce for working to improve Montana's business climate by creating jobs and opportunity.


Public Safety

I support our public safety officers and first responders

I support legislation that improves public safety in our communities

  • *Sponsored HB 333 that became law and makes Narcan an opioid overdose antidote more available to first responders and community members.
  • *Sponsored HB 61 that became law and that disburses 10 million dollars in unused funds to improve enhanced 911 capabilities across the state.

*Awarded "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Montana Board of Crime Control in 2017 for professional excellence and lasting contributions towards promoting and supporting improvements to Montana's justice system.



I support education because I know having a well-educated work force is a key factor in job growth and improving our economy.

  • *Sponsored HB 462 that became law and helps FVCC provide training in state to students needed by one of Montana's growing business industries.
  • *Supported SB 260 that became law and creates the first ever school maintenance and repair fund from coal trust revenues.

*Awarded Distinguished Alumni Flathead Valley Community College 2014 for career achievements and service to others.


Common Sense Solutions to our community's needs!

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